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First impressions really do count especially in hospitality, does your furniture match your business

MFL creates durable and customisable, laminate and melamine faced chipboard (MFC) panels. They are manufactured with both your needs and current trends in mind. Our competitive lead times and reliable delivery service are ideal for the fast-paced hospitality industry - MFL has all of the materials needed for your hotel and restaurant furniture.

We cover the below hospitality industries:

  • Food & Beverage

  • Travel & Transportation

  • Tourism

  • Meetings and Events

  • Attractions

  • Entertainment

  • Recreation

  • Technology

  • Cruise

  • Casinos

At MFL, we value honesty. We will update you at every stage of the manufacturing process, from the cutting room to delivery. We will always cater to your needs - striving for the perfect balance between aesthetic and longevity.

Our panels come in a variety of colours and finishes, ready to complement the design of any customer service environment, including:

· High gloss

· Anti-fingerprint

· Impact-resistant laminates

· Antibacterial grade laminates

· Feature CNC detail

· Moisture resistant core material

The colour, material and finish of our laminate and MFC (melamine faced chipboard) panels can be adjusted to suit the requirements and aesthetic of any customer-facing environment. Each panel can be drilled using one of our two computer-controlled CNC machines, ready for any necessary legs or additional accessories to be added.

First impressions really do count. From hotel rooms to cafes, customers will always notice the design and decor of a room. It is essential that your furniture does your business justice - clean, professional, and reflective of the high-quality service your customers can expect. Sleek yet hard-wearing, our laminate panels are manufactured to withstand a busy hospitality environment and will help give your rooms the ‘wow’ factor your guests deserve.

So, why should you choose MFL?

At MFL, your needs are our top priority. As our customer, you will have a say in every stage of the manufacturing process. Allowing the option to customise the colour, thickness, and finish of your chosen laminate and edge banding, we manufacture each product with your requirements in mind.

We pride ourselves on our improved lead times and will ensure that your panels are delivered within ten to fifteen days of placing your order. We will regularly update you on your items’ progress, keeping you in the loop at every phase of the manufacturing process.

For your convenience, we will agree on a specific delivery date rather than a week commencing date, so you know exactly when to expect your order.

At MFL, we prioritise your needs - ensuring all products are designed, delivered, and installed to your level of satisfaction.

MFL is a UK based manufacturer focused on the production and supply of decorative laminate panels. Contact us to help you get started with your office washroom design.

To discuss how MFL can support your business with choosing the right materials, speak with one of our experts today on 024 76621122 or email us at

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