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Top Design Trends for Office Tables

Office tables and desks are likely to monopolise the majority of your workspace and are probably the most utilised of all office furniture. Therefore, it is important that you choose a material that provides longevity and also offers a pleasing aesthetic.

Over recent years laminate has quickly become the most popular choice for office desks and tables. Yes! The same laminate that was once considered the cheap and tacky option for those that couldn’t afford mahogany desks.

The truth couldn’t be more different; the colour, finish, and design of laminate can now be personalised to suit your brand and workspace and can easily replicate natural materials such as cork and bamboo. With a non-scratch surface, it is also able to overcome the inevitable knocks and scratches caused by heavy usage, and its easy-to-clean surface means that your workspace can be always kept hygienic and germ-free.

There are many ways of making office tables that bit more interesting. We’ve outlined a few of our favourites below.

Nature Meets Laminate

Many organisations are now facing pressure to provide ‘healthy’ offices to ensure employee wellbeing. You may have noticed that indoor plants are becoming a huge trend; an attractive and healthy means of incorporating a bit of the external environment into a busy office. Natural wood is equally as enchanting, and partners beautifully with the rise in biophilic design. However, you can create this look without breaking the bank. Woodgrain laminate creates a similar effect and can be used for desks and tables to project an earthy and calming aesthetic that your teams will love.

Be Bold.

Dare yourself to do something different! Employees are being encouraged to collaborate more than ever before, so relaxing lounges, kitchens and common areas are on-trend. Striking coffee tables can be designed in bright, patterned laminate, and occasional tables of any shape or size can create talking points. Eye-catching areas that provide comfort, luxury whilst looking unique and interesting are highly functional, and proven to improve employee productivity.

Multitasking Tables.

How about a quiet area for brainstorming that comprises a long table, a writable board and comfortable seating? An ideal area for a few team members to throw ideas around. Alternatively, the area can be used for employees requiring some private time away from the noise and bustle of a busy office. Create numerous areas in just one environment that boast sophistication, professionalism and versatility. One table – many uses!

Striking Reception Desks.

The reception lobby is the first area that employees, clients and visitor’s encounter; this is the moment that will provide that first impression, that will shape their opinions of your organisation. Choose standard curved desks or opt for something a little more futuristic and daring; incorporate a trendy coffee table that complements your brand, as well as holding the proverbial welcome drink. Aside from the inevitable and necessary functionality that laminate provides, you can choose to create an eye-catching area that people will remember with a unique design and bespoke customised desk shapes and colours.

Laminate is undoubtedly capable of providing you with a beautiful desk finish, but it’s functionality mustn’t be overlooked. It is durable, hygienic, provides longevity and is pleasantly affordable.

Boasting a range of laminate options to suit your personal requirements, MFL provide durable, customisable and bespoke laminate that will fall into your desired design with ease. Let MFL assist you in providing functionality and style, all in one.

Now that you’ve read through our suggestions, you may have a few ideas of your own. Please get in touch…

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