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Why choose bespoke furniture for your business

The design and layout of your workspace is a reflection of your business as a whole. It creates a first and lasting impression on visitors and can greatly affect the productivity and wellbeing of your employees.

Office furniture is responsible for shaping your office, providing functionality, and building the brand of your business. Your choice of design and layout will represent your organisation, so taking shortcuts doesn’t pay off in the long run.

Sub-standard furniture can be cost-effective, but is rarely created using premium quality materials and craftsmanship. While it might seem like a smarter idea in the short term, it is likely to require greater maintenance and be prone to damage. Ultimately, value for money is greatly lacking.

Bespoke furniture is a good investment in your office. Though more costly than standard furniture, it holds value and is generally of a much higher quality. Created using intelligent designs, bespoke furniture offers versatility and can be utilised to save space within your office. Busy desks and cluttered tables are a thing of the past, minimalist and unfussy are the order of the day. Bespoke stacking units or easily slotted together furniture can create open areas with room to move within the workspace. Freedom of movement enhances productivity amongst employees and is greatly associated with wellbeing.

Employees, clients, and visitors will notice your furniture and desk space as a first impression, making sure this is a positive one can make the difference between a great relationship or no relationship at all. From the reception area that greets them through to conference areas and meeting rooms, quality is essential. Encourage your visitors to take a seat in your bespoke reception area, urge them to explore your office design filled with niche furniture solutions and you will see the positive impressions emanate into your conversations. First impressions mean everything, and bespoke furniture is the key to being noticed.

MFL has all of the materials required for your office-space furniture. As specialists in the production of bespoke laminate, our laminate panels are sleek, resistant, and customisable. Our laminate panels are durable and hard-wearing, both freestanding and in-built, and designed to withstand the effects of a thriving office. They can be created to match a theme, style, or colour scheme of your choice to help boost brand identity and unite your employees. Remember, functional doesn’t have to mean boring; with the array of choice that comes with bespoke furniture, you can create an eye-catching, exciting, and unique workspace that impresses your staff and visitors alike.

To discuss how MFL can support your business with creating bespoke furniture, or how choosing the right materials can give your designs a boost, speak with one of our experts today on 024 76621122 or email us at

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