Our Processes


The first step of the laminate manufacturing process is bonding.


At MFL, we offer a variety of laminate and work with dozens of manufacturers offering a range of finishes and colours.


This can be applied to a core board of your choice. The laminate is pressed onto the core board, to the highest bond quality and strength. 

Bonding machine

Panel Sizing


Our Homag panel sizing line includes automatic storage retrieval system which ensures an increased rate of production with enhanced safety for the operators.  Using air floatation technology, every panel is protected from potential surface damage during the production process.


Every works order is optimised for maximum efficiency and minimum wastage, guaranteeing cost effectiveness for the customer and reducing our impact on the Earth’s natural resources.


Every panel is itemised with a specific label for ease of identification and can be formatted to suit our customer’s requirements.

Panel cutting

Edge Banding


A narrow strip of material is used to create a trim around the edges of a finished product applied using our IMA Edgebander.

This is done in several stages to get the desired radius of Edgeband prior to the final polishing.


In addition to this our state-of-the-art edge banding unit comes complete with panel alignment device to ensure all components are perfectly square.


Shape edged banding

All the stages listed above but to a curved edge panel this is undertaken by our state of the art CNC machine.


At MFL, we offer a variety of different edging materials and colours and the thickness can be adjusted to suit your needs.


CNC Machining

We have a suite of CNC Processing Centres which shape, drill, machine and edge panels to suit our customers needs.


Utilising our four state-of-the-art processing centres, including our latest addition, the 5-axis Centateq Processing Centre, MFL has the capacity to meet the highest demands of our valued customer base.


Our long-standing team of skilled operatives together with our standard operating processes and quality checks ensures panels are perfectly made to suit the customers’ needs.



At MFL, we value honesty and transparency - we will keep you updated on your items’ progress throughout the manufacturing process.


We ensure all products are delivered within ten to fifteen days of placing your order. We will agree on a set delivery date not just week commencing, which will be added to your order confirmation, so you know exactly when to expect your delivery to arrive.


In the rare instance that we are unable to make your required delivery date, we will let you know so we can discuss alternative arrangements and remove delivery costs.


Once finished, all panels will be thoroughly cleaned, carefully packaged, and labelled, to ensure your order arrives damage-free and ready for use. We deliver to all regions in the UK.