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MFL is a UK-based manufacturer, focused on the production and supply of decorative laminate panels. Our products are fit for a vast array of applications, including office furniture, educational and laboratory furniture, exhibition, retail stands and shopfitting. 

Tables and desks

Display units and shelving

Reception units and decor and wall panelling 

Fitted and free
standing storage

Laminate counter tops

Small Round Tabletop in Reception Area

Furniture is an integral part of what makes a retail store appealing to its customers. Hardwearing and customisable, our bespoke laminate and melamine faced chipboard (MFC) panels are manufactured with both your needs and current trends in mind. With improved lead times and reliable delivery service, MFL has all the materials necessary to give any retail store the ‘wow’ factor with its design and innovation including access to all the current trends.


As our customer, you will receive an update on your item’s progress before delivery. From the cutting room to delivery, our highly skilled operatives will cater to your every need.  At MFL, we will always cater to your needs - striving to create the perfect ambience to welcome new customers to your store and maximise sales. 


Our panels come in a variety of colours and finishes, ready to complement the brand image and the existing design of any retail environment, including:


  • Anti-fingerprint

  • Impact-resistant laminates

  • Antibacterial grade laminates

From small local businesses to large-chain shopping centres, customers will always notice the design of a store. Retail furniture must entice and welcome visitors - it is essential that store decor is clean, professional, and reflective of the high-quality service your customers can expect. Easy to maintain and built to last, our laminate panels are designed to withstand a busy retail environment and keep both staff and customers happy. 

The colour, material and finish of our laminate and MFC (melamine faced chipboard) panels can be customised to suit existing brand colours and shop floor design. Each panel can be drilled using one of our computer-controlled CNC machines, ready for any necessary legs or accessories details to be added.

Why should you choose MFL? 

At MFL, your needs are our top priority.


As our customer, you will have a say in every stage of the manufacturing process. We manufacture each product with your requirements in mind, allowing the option to customise the colour, thickness, and finish of your chosen laminate and edge banding.


We pride ourselves on our competitive lead times - we will ensure that your panels are delivered within ten to fifteen days of placing your order. We will regularly update you on your items’ progress, from the cutting room to delivery.


For your convenience, we will agree on a specific delivery date rather than a week commencing date, so you know exactly when to expect your order. 


At MFL, we prioritise your needs - ensuring all products are designed, delivered, and installed to your level of satisfaction. 

Saw operator (panel sizing machine)
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